How does Affiliate Marketing work?

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How does Affiliate Marketing work?

February 9, 2020 General 0
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So how does Affiliate Marketing work? Well… It’s simple, really.

Notice how product names or brands mentioned in articles are hyperlinked?

Those links take you to sellers’ websites.

When you click through their affiliate link, the Seller gets the code embedded in the link, and knows that you were referred by a particular Affiliate of theirs.

If you do make a purchase from the Seller, the Affiliate earns a commission.

It is important to point out that the Buyer doesn’t pay more if they visit the Seller’s website by clicking on an Affiliate link.

The selling price is the same, whether or not you clicked through an affiliate link.

If you did use an affiliate link to visit a Seller and ended up making a purchase, then you would have supported the hardworking person behind the article or blog.

It’s an easy way to support those very helpful content creators.

The concept is not new. All of us have in one way or another participated in some sort of referral act or transaction.

When you find out about a product or service provider from someone — either it’s someone you know very well and trust, someone that you are merely acquainted with, someone whom you barely know, or someone you’ve just encountered and don’t know at all — that is a referral.

When you actually make a purchase or do business with the mentioned/recommended vendor or contractor, then it’s a successful referral and someone has made a profit.

Normally, it’s just the vendor that profits, but it isn’t uncommon that some vendors reward the people that have helped bring new business to them.

That’s what you do as an Affiliate Marketer — help bring business to others.

In return, you will be compensated.

Compensation is normally minimal, but for an effective and successful affiliate, the numbers can really add up such that their affiliate side gig can potentially become their main, or sole, source of income.

At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for all parties.

The vendor makes a sale, the shopper or buyer gets what they want, and the affiliate gets rewarded for that successful referral.

The Buyer does not spend more in order for the Affiliate to receive anything from the Seller. The price is the same for the Buyer whether or not there was a referrer or affiliate involved.

Not all referrals are recommendations

Sometimes a mention or a referral implies a recommendation, but that is not always the case.

In the same way that, say, I might mention to a seafood lover several well-known seafood restaurants in my area and what people I know say about those restaurants — but can’t speak of their food first hand for the simple fact that I’m allergic to seafood.

A mention is not always a recommendation.

I simply shared information on where someone might find seafood restos, whether they’re popular with the locals. Although I can’t say I recommend them, that’s still a referral.

You might casually mention to a friend that there’s a new car repair shop in the neighborhood, without ever having availed of their service. Your friend might decide to go there when he has a need for it, not because you recommended it — because the truth is that you didn’t recommend it, you merely pointed out that it exists. But because of you, your friend became aware of this new repair shop, and so he decided that it was conveniently close and worth checking out.

Needless to say, it’s best to “sell” something you personally like, use or trust. Selling comes easily when you are truly familiar with, and believe in, what you’re selling.

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